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Episode 6: Hey Barbie! (Bargo Robbie)

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

two girls opening barbie dream house
Christmas 1996 - opening the Barbie Dream House

Was your Barbie an astronaut? A lawyer? A famous singer? Making out with your other Barbies in the back of her pink convertible? The gal can do it all! In today's episode Sid and Riley discuss all things Barbie, recount some of their favorite childhood memories and agree that Margot Robbie is too beautiful to behold.

How does Barbie hold up today? Listen to find out!




1. Teen Vogue article ("The Real History of Barbie" by Cameron Katz)

2. In The Know article ("The True Story of Mattel Accidently Releasing a Super Gay Ken Doll" by Katie Dupere)

3. The Gamer post ("The Rarest Barbie and Ken Dolls" by Gabrielle Castania)

5. article ("Barbie Through The Ages" by Brynn Holland)

6. TIME article ("How Barbie Took Over the World" by Eliana Dockterman)

9. TIME article ("Ruth Handler Is the Key to Barbie" by Eliana Dockterman)



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