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Episode 12 - Commercial Break!: Monster M.A.S.H (tm)

Updated: Feb 3

mash game played with pen and paper

On this week's episode, Riley and Sid play the classic millennial game, M.A.S.H. - with a spooky twist! Riley has titled this "Monster M.A.S.H." and does not want to hear that the name is already taken, okay?

Get out your spiral notebook and play along as they cover topics like: organs made of Furbies, why Sid never had a crush on Buffy and dead Hedwig. Does M.A.S.H. hold up? It doesn't.

MASH game papers

Sid's List (#7)

Spouse - Cady Heron (dressed as an ex wife)

House - cupboard under the stairs

Mode of Transportation - Sabrina's vacuum

Pet - Haunted Furby

Occupation - Camp Wannaweep

Riley's List (#11)


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